Soap Ingredients



What makes Superdog Soap so phenomenally great? 

Why is it the only soap for Superdogs?  

What makes it better than all the other dog soaps in the market today?  

The secret lies in these five major ingredients:


1. Biosulfur

Elemental sulfur is well known especially for it's fungicidal and pesticidal properties.  It is the most important fungicide in organic ("green") production and is also used as an insecticide (actually an acaricide) against ticks and mites.  A common method of use is to dust clothing or limbs with sulfur powder.  The biosulfur in Superdog Soap is one of the reasons why it is so effective against fungal infections in roundworms (seen as growing circular bald patches on dogs' coats), dandruff, and mange (Fil."galis"). 

2. Alum (Fil. "Tawas")

Alum has been used extensively as an antiperspirant and to combat body odor in humans.  Another use of it is to speed up healing of mouth sores (Fil. "singaw") and other wounds.  Tawas soaps have been available in the market for human use, but the inclusion of the ingredient in Superdog Soap is the first for dogs.  Thus, while the other ingredients combat the parasites and fungus, the tawas component prevents bacteria build-up and hastens the healing of lesions (wounds, skin sores), helping to make the overall healing effect quite dramatic, which explains why so many people are amazed by the results they get.  

3. Gliricidia sepium Extract 

(Fil. "Kakawate", Madre de Cacao)

Kakawate is used in traditional medicine as an anti-scabies (anti-mites/ "galis") remedy and a cure for alopecia in dogs and humans, as its leaves contain coumarin.  It is known for its use to relieve skin rashes, rheumatism, closed bone fractures, wounds, pus, mumps, skin irritations, cold, lethargy, erysipelas, fever, gangrene, headaches, skin tumors, ulcers, urticaria, and other skin diseases.  It is also known to have incecticidal/ insect-repellent (especially against fleas and lice) and fungicidal properties. 


4. Neem Extract (Azadirachta indica)

The neem tree is known as the "Sacred Tree", "Heal All", "Nature's Drugstore", and "Panacea for all diseases."  Neem and neem derivative products have been used for centuries for various medicinal treatments for its anthelmintic (anti-worms), anti-acari (repels and affects the growth and physiology of ticks and mites), anti-fungal, insect repellant (against fleas, lice and mosquitoes), anti-diabetic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.  It is particularly prescribed for skin diseases (like in chicken pox and measles) and is thus used as a major component in various cosmetics (soaps, shampoos, balms and creams), acne-treatments, and products to keep skin elasticity/ youthfulness. 

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is Superdog Soap's base ingredient, and is the reason it lathers more easily even if it is harder than soaps produced with other oils.  It is a great skin moisturizer, so dogs that use Superdog Soap do not get dry skin like if they use other soaps that use other oils with harsh chemical contents.  After a bath, the dog is left with soft, smooth skin and coat.  The coconut oil in Superdog Soap also reduces protein loss in the dog's coat, making the fur stronger and more resilient.  We use the highest quality Philippine coconut oil to produce Superdog Soap, which also generates good livelihood to a lot of Filipino farmers in the countryside.


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