Superdogs for Humankind

    Manalo K9 Technologies International

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SUPERDOG is our brand name.  In our work in K9, we learned that there are so-called “working dogs”, then there are real working dogs, and there are service dogs whose performance defies canine limitations.  We coined the word “Superdog” to describe members of this elite class.  They’re the dogs that know their work extremely well, have superior work ethic, and are incredibly reliable.  In comparison to the average working dog, these dogs are way ahead. 

Top-of-the-line.  Super Heavy Duty.  Hard-core utility dogs. 

A Superdog’s physiology is naturally specially endowed.  They can withstand great temperature stresses in the environments they work in, continue performing well working long hours if required, and do so with the willingness and eagerness that is simply incredible! These dogs, just like special high-tech equipment, require very special care.  Although they are genetically engineered to be low-maintenance types of canines, their assignments can be inevitably quite tough on their systems.  Providing them with their special needs is what the Superdog brand is about.