Superdogs for Humankind

    Manalo K9 Technologies International

If one of your downlines has their dog trained in Advanced Obedience and Advanced Protection, you get 1,800 + 2,100 points added into your wallet.  A total of 3,900 points, convertible to P3,900.

If one of your downlines buys a Class A Superpuppy, you automatically get P1,000 points additional to your wallet's contents.

supernetwork business

The potential to earn in the SuperNetwork is only limited by your DREAMS, hard work and commitment, most especially  when you are starting out.  We will be adding more products and services into the list of items available.  That would mean more income for you in the long run.


Your account will be Inactive for any month that you didn't purchase anything from the app and did not refer any Active Member, either.  Make sure you do either or both.  Or else, your points for the month will be non-redeemable and forfeited.

May you have a blessed, enjoyable and prosperous SuperNetwork business!!!


If one of your SuperNetwork downlines (Levels 1-7) buys a Superdog Nutrition 500grams bag, you get 5 points, which goes into your wallet.

If one of them also buys Superdog Nutrition, this time a 15kg bag, you get 100 points added into your wallet.

(1 point = P1)

2 X 2




5 X 5


1.  DIRECT REFERRAL INCENTIVE:  Earn 500 points for every Direct Referral who buys an Entry Package.  Direct Referrals are those members whom you yourself invited and brought into the SuperNetwork.  In their registration, they indicated your email address in the "Referrer's Email" portion.

2.  7-LEVEL UNILEVEL:  Earn points when Members in your Levels 1 to 7 purchase items from the PRODUCTS section of the app.  Level 1 members are your Direct Referrals, Level 2 members are your Level 1 members' Direct Referrals, Level 3 members are your Level 2 members' Direct Referrals, and so on.

3.  REBATES:  Earn rebates from your own discounted purchases.

Let's say, you have a 5x5 network, meaning you invited 5 people who became Active Members, and these invited 5 people, and those invited 5 each, and so on...  you will have 97,655 members in your downline upto the 7th Level.

In this case, you earned 2,500 points from your Direct Referrals.   You also can earn P488,275 if each of them boughT 1 bar of soap.  Or, you can earn P9,765,500 if each of them bought only 1 sack of 15kg SDN.

Of course, a network this big can take some time to build.  Maybe 1 to 3 years?  And it will most probably not be a perfect 5x5 structure as this.  Some of your downlines will invite no one.  Some, just a few people.  Some may invite as many people as they can and bring in more people to your downline.  Some members of your downline will buy soaps, some will have their dogs trained, some will buy Powtech, etc.  Point is, this won't be under your control anymore.  You will then be earning PASSIVE INCOOME.  Income that you are not actively working for anymore.  All you did was start building your network by inviting people into your Level 1 and helping them do the same.

SIMULATIONS:  Let's imagine you invited 2 people, who invited 2 people, who in turn invited 2 people, and so on.  You will have a SuperNetwork of 254 members from Levels 1 to 7.

If each of your 2x2 Network of 254 members buy a soap, or Powtech or SDN 500g worth P150 SRP but at a 10% discount, you get 5 points multiplied by 254.  That's 1,270 points, later convertible to P1,270.

However if each of them bought one bag of SDN 15kg, you can earn P25,400.