ryan "yan" mina

Ryan is one of our K9 Supervisors at the biggest Integrated Resort Complex in the Philippines, Okada Manila.  He has received awards from the Okada Security Management for his outstanding performance and dedication to his work.  He is a great K9 handler and leads his team well.  He has been there since we started in 2016, and we hear nothing but good things about him and his work.  

jeffrey "jeff" calimpong

Jeff is our Field Sales Agent who takes care of our Dealers/Distributors in Visayas and Mindanao, and some Metro Manila accounts. He is fluent in the Ilonggo and Cebuano dialects and takes care of shipments at the airport and with couriers.

Call Jeff: +63 906 4310832 (Globe) / +63 2 9075873 (Landline) / +63 9086216145 (Smart) / +63 9336982033 (Sun)

     Manalo K9 also provides quality dog training for clients - in obedience, protection, and other specialized training disciplines.

    In 2010, the company also launched their consumer products brand "Superdog", starting with Superdog Soap and Superdog Shampoo & Conditioner Bar, and "SuperDoc" for dog handlers/owners later on in 2012. 

     Manalo K9 received various awards from the private and government sectors for our work these past several years, and continues to grow, innovate, and excel.

Dr. abel manalo

With a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines, and extensive international K9 training and experience, Doc Abel knows dogs and K9 to the molecular level.  A Hall of Fame Awardee on Entrepreneurship from the National Consumers' Choice Annual Awards (NCCAA) in 2019.

SNooky "shake" manalo

Shake takes care of administration, and makes sure everything in the business is running smoothly along with the Admin team under her.  She is a great manager and negotiator.  She helps greatly in every decision-making process and keeps the Company grounded and stable.

Aldrich "bogz" baccay

Bogz started out 8 years ago as a kennel attendant and trained to be a K9 handler and worked his way up to be our Senior Trainer and instructor for handler classes since 2012.  He oversees all training operations with his training team. He also makes sure all our K9 teams work properly in our posts.  He has trained thousands of dogs, many of which are now in service, locally and abroad. 

     Started by Dr. Abel Manalo as a dog breeding hobby in 1996 while he was still studying veterinary medicine at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños (UPLB), under the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI) kennel name "ACME" and registered in July 31, 2007 as a business named Manalo Pet Shop, MANALO K9 slowly evolved into an international company providing world-class working K9 teams and Superdogs all over the Philippines, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the USA.

products and Services

About our company

established july 31, 2007

nicole "nics" santillan, rpH

Nics is our Company Registered Pharmacist and is in charge in Product Development and everything that has to do with our products.  She makes sure everything is safe and the best quality.  She works with the Bureau of Animal Industry, the Bureau of Food and Drugs, and our suppliers.  She also handles our inventory.

field sales agents


John is one of our Admin Assistants and does so many different tasks around the office and outside.  He has been with us since time immemorial and we can rely on him to do what he is required to do.  He is an indispensable part of the office team.

lorelyn "dang" abalos

Dang is our Head Admin and Company Accountant.  She makes sure that everybody from our employees to the BIR to the government agencies that deal with employee benefits are all happy.  As Head Admin, she makes sure everything works properly, company-wide.  She has consistently proved to be of great value to the organization.

Kamille "kams" dela cruz

Kams is a our Admin for Human Resources.  She is a graduate of B.S. Business Administration major in Human Resources and handles this area of the business very well.  She also maintains the records of our canines, particularly those working in the field.  She keeps everyone in line.

Benjamin "bench" del mundo

Bench is very hardworking and follows instructions very readily.  He has a flair for sales and clients love him for his positive attitude in everything he does.  He handles various accounts in different parts of South Luzon and Metro Manila.  

cesar aviado

Cesar is our Training Center's Admin Coordinator.  He communicates constantly with Admin for anything that needs to be done.  He also receives visitors to the training center at Macamot, Binangonan.  He also takes care of many other things such as in keeping inventory reports and K9 handler rosters.

Administration & Operations

alfie baccay

Alfie was Manalo K9's original trainer when we started in 2007.  He tried working for several other big K9 agencies from 2011, but eventually returned to us in 2018.  He shared that from his various experiences, he concludes that Manalo K9 is still the industry standard in K9 security and dog training.

rynaline "ryna" Gonzales

Ryna is a relatively new hire.  She came from the real estate sales industry and had been a consistent top performer.  She is now Assistant Admin to the Admin for Sales and Marketing.  She has various tasks on her plate and works on branding.

    Manalo K9 Technologies International

dario "dj" dela cruz

Dario joined us last year and has been doing great on his sales, showing great potential in this field.  He recently became the Topnotcher in Sales for the month of February 2019.  Let's see if he can be a consistent performer!

Rio "ri" sescon

Rio is our Admin for Dog Training. She handles inquiries from those who wants to avail of our Superdog Training courses, assists them on enrollment, updates them on progress, and schedules graduations and transfer of commands sessions.  She is a Business Management graduate from St. Paul College, QC.

jared anonuevo

Jared is our ever-dependable Company Driver.  He can go anywhere and do anything.  He is an expert in handling and transporting dogs, and gets dogs and people to where they need to go safely and swiftly.  He is quick to do his job and thorough in his tasks.

anne kim

Anne is our FSA in charge of Superpuppy sales.  She used to be our Admin for Dog Training, also, but there were more pressing things to do in her personal life.  We are glad she reapplied for this new task.  She's doing exceptionally well assisting clients find a good puppy that matches their needs and lifestyle.

rosano rosana

Rosano  is a former police officer with the NCRPO. He is an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)/bomb technician, an anti-terrorism and intelligence guy.  He is now our Director for Operations and Training, making sure our K9 operations are smooth-flowing and sharp.  He also handles any problems that arise with ease, and maintains good relationships with client officers and the PNP.

jimmy undang

Jimmy trained and worked with us as a K9 handler for several years already.  His last stint as a handler was at the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority where he showed diligence in his work and real love for the dogs on duty, troubleshooting them when needed.  He is now one of our trainers in detection work and is deployed in our detachments whenever more training is needed.

​international sales representative

joel "joe" castillo

Joe is our representative in the United States of America.  He is based in California, and a former US Marine.  He heads our "Build a Beast" program where people in the US can avail of a Superpuppy or Superdog from our Philippine kennel and have it trained before shipping to the US.  He had learned of Manalo K9 as a US Marine in the early savage days, and is now promoting the program to families and individuals who need K9 security but are looking for a better deal.


              Superdogs for Humankind

liezel cabello

Liezel is our Admin for Sales and Marketing.  She has had a great career in sales and marketing, and was looking for work where her spiritual goals can be supported and not hindered.  She is in charge of all sales and marketing operations including the new SuperNetwork system to be lauched soon.  

manalo K9 TEAMS and support

Other members of our growing K9 Team, we cannot mention them all here: Trainers, K9 Handlers, Supervisors, team leaders, kennel attendants, utility personnel, and of couse our Superdogs.  We value and appreciate them all!  They are all hardworking and are doing a noble work for our clients and the general public. They are scattered but united in our cause. We are proud of them and their professionalism.

walden dancel

Walden is our Head Supervisor for our operations at Okada Manila. He is doing a noteworthy job managing the Sector Leaders under him as well as the K9 teams there, in general.  He has received awards from Okada Security, and everybody loves the way he handles his people and how he makes sure Okada is well secured, with regards to matters that involve the K9 security we provide.

alexis bellen

Alexis was our QAQC for K9 Services, but was reassigned to be our FSA for K9 Services last year.  Now he is in charge of our supermarket clients, making sure this big segment of our market is served well and products are moving smoothly.  He is reportedly doing very well.  He is a graduate of Criminology.

dr. leo patrick vergara

Doc Leo is our Company Veterinarian.  He makes sure all our dogs are healthy and happy, those in our training center, as well as those in the field in various deployments.  He has decades of experience in the veterinary field and is as professional and meticulous as one can be.  

k9 services


ann andig mama

Ann is a graduate of B.S. Animal Science and is an army reservist.  She is one of our obedience and protection trainers, and lends the feminine touch to our training team.  She has trained all sorts of dogs, from Philippine Aso, to Pomeranians, to St. Bernards.  Clients are very pleased with Ann as their dog's trainer, because she really loves the dogs as her own and is always sad when they go.

Last updated:  March 29, 2019

Photo above shows our formal start as a pet shop/ kennel in 2007 

sandy "dindo" bustamante

Dindo handles North Luzon accounts.  He started out as our Liaison Officer and then as a Marketing Officer, and did great in developing his area. A hardworking and industrious fellow, he is a great people-person, always glad to serve.

Call Dindo: +63 9173038696

Facebook: sandy.bustamante