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dario "dj" dela cruz

Last updated:  June 24, 2016

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Kamille "kams" dela cruz

Kams is a our Admin for Human Resources.  She is a graduate of B.S. Business Administration major in Human Resources and handles this area of the business very well.  She also maintains the records of our canines, particularly those working in the field.

Benjamin "bench" del mundo

Another one of our new, promising Field Sales Agents, Bench handles South Luzon dealers, distributors, institutional clients, and customers.

ann andig mama

Ann is a graduate of B.S. Animal Science and is a military reservist.  She is one of our obedience trainers, and lends the feminine touch to our training team.  She has trained various breeds of dogs like Pomeranian, Jack Russel Terrier, German Shorthaired Pointer, and St. Bernard.  Clients are very pleased.

field sales agents

Administration & Operations

sandy "dindo" bustamante

Dindo is our new Field Sales Head and handles North Luzon.  He started out as our Liaison Officer and then as a Marketing Officer, and did great in developing his area. A hardworking and industrious fellow, he is a great people-person, always glad to serve.

Call Dindo: +63 9173038696

Facebook: sandy.bustamante

alexis bellen

Alexis is our Quality Control/Quality Assurance Officer for our K9 deployments.  He has a degree in Criminology.  He makes sure everything is working up to standards in all our posts nationally and that our clients are happy. He also coordinates with the Philippine National Police Headquarters for SOSIA transactions such as licensing and evaluations.


John is one of our Admin Assistants and handles inventory as well as many other duties in the office.  He makes sure that our products are received from the factory and kept in excellent condition and he also dispatches products to marketing.

lorelyn "dang" abalos

Dang is our Admin for Accounting and Finance.  She worked for an accounting firm before joining us. She makes sure that everybody from our employees to the BIR to the government agencies that deal with employee benefits are all happy.  Dang heads the Admin Team.

jeffrey "jeff" calimpong

Jeff is our Field Sales Agent who takes care of our Dealers/Distributors in Visayas and Mindanao, and some Metro Manila accounts. He is fluent in the Ilonggo and Cebuano dialects and takes care of shipments at the airport and with couriers.

Call Jeff: +63 906 4310832 (Globe) / +63 2 9075873 (Landline) / +63 9086216145 (Smart) / +63 9336982033 (Sun)

     Manalo K9 also provides quality dog training for clients - in obedience, protection, and other specialized training disciplines.

    In 2010, the company also launched their consumer products brand "Superdog", starting with Superdog Soap and Superdog Shampoo & Conditioner Bar, and "SuperDoc" for dog handlers/owners later on in 2012. 

Dr. abel manalo

With a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of the Philippines, and extensive international K9 training and experience, Doc Abel knows dogs to the molecular level.

Email Doc:

Call Doc Abel: +63 9062337868

SNooky "shake" manalo

Shake takes care of administration, and makes sure everything in the business is running smoothly along with the Admin team under her.  She is a great manager and negotiator.

Aldrich "bogz" baccay

Bogz started out 5 years ago as a kennel attendant and trained to be a K9 handler and worked his way up to be our Senior Trainer and instructor for handler classes.  He oversees all training operations with his training team. He also makes sure all our K9 teams work properly in our posts.

Call Bogz: +63 935929974

     Started by Dr. Abel Manalo as a dog breeding hobby in 1996 while he was still studying veterinary medicine at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños (UPLB),under the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. kennel name "ACME" and registered in July 31, 2007 as a business named Manalo Pet Shop, MANALO K9 slowly evolved into an international company providing world-class working K9 teams and Superdogs all over the Philippines, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the USA.

products and Services

About our company


jimmy undang

Jimmy trained and worked with us as a K9 handler for several years already.  His last stint as a handler was at the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority where he showed diligence in his work and real love for the dogs on duty, troubleshooting them when needed.  He is now one of our trainers in detection work.

japz Jerome valdez

Japz has a degree in Information Technology and loves working with dogs.  He is a mountaineer from Tanay, Rizal.  The newest addition to our training team, he assists Bogz in detection work and advanced training courses.

walden dancel

Walden is our Head Supervisor for our operations at Okada Manila. He is doing a noteworthy job managing the Sector Leaders under him as well as the K9 teams there, in general.  He has received awards from Okada Security, and everybody loves the way he handles his people and how he makes sure Okada is well secured, with regards to matters that involve the K9 security we provide.

Photo above shows our formal start as a pet shop/ kennel in 2007 

rio sescon

Rio is our Admin - Operational Efficiency.  She graduated from St. Paul University in Quezon City with a B.S. Business Management degree.  She makes sure all our business operations are working smoothly, all processes have the minimum possible waste, and everything in the company runs like clockwork.

John rey parohinog

John Rey is our Marketing  Coordinator.  He assists the Marketing Division by making sure products are properly displayed in shelves, in deliveries, collections, and many other processes.


manalo K9 TEAMS

Other members of our growing K9 Team, we cannot mention them all here: Trainers, K9 Handlers, Supervisors, team leaders, kennel attendants, utility personnel, and of couse our Superdogs.  We value and appreciate them all!  They are all hardworking and are doing a noble work for our clients and the general public. They are scattered but united in our cause. We are proud of them and their professionalism.