Level up your dog's training with this special course.  We especially recommend this for dogs with great talent that we would hate to put to waste.  It's great to have an obedient dog, but it's even more awesome to have your dog totally reach excellence!  Remember this: In many cases, it is the owner who limits his/her dog's potential.  Enroll him/her today!

Course Duration:  Three (3) months 

Dog will learn:

Everything in Basic Obedience (Click to see).
     plus:  Off-leash Obedience
     plus:  Obedience from a Distance
     plus:  Hand Signal Response
     plus:  Practical Agility

     plus:  Advanced commands*
     plus:  Tricks*

*depending on your dogs' talents/ special skills.  Such as:  sit-up, retrieve, crawl, carry an item, play dead, speak, roll over, turn around, place, etc...


Owner will learn:

After the three months training of the dog, the owner/s (or his/her designated handler) shall be taught everything he/she/they need to know during the Manalo K9 Transfer of Commands (TOC), including:

All Topics in Basic Obedience TOC  (Click here to see the Basic Obedience Course )
Off-Leash Handling
Controlling the Dog by Voice
Controlling the Dog by Hand-Signal
Practical Agility Handling



Easy Installment:  

P30,000 upon acceptance, P30,000 after Transfer of Commands.

Cash Payment:  P60,000. 

If your dog has already completed the Basic Obedience Program, you only have to pay P40,000 for the additional two (2)-months long advanced training.