The most popular course amongst pet owners, the Superdog Basic Obedience package is suitable for ALL dogs.  It is a MUST if you want to have a pleasant companion.  Bridge the communication gap between you and your dog, enroll him/her to this most value-packed course today and reap the benefits all your dogs' lifetime.  He/she will love you more for it, and vice versa.



Course Duration:  One (1) month

Dog will learn:

To obey commands (and command combinations) such as:

   * SIT

   * DOWN

   * STAY (Sit-Stay, Down-Stay)

   * HEEL (Left Turn, Right Turn, About face, Curves)

   * COME  (Recall)

   * JUMP / HOP


   * SHAKE HANDS (Left and Right)

To obey these commands with proper positioning.

To obey these commands with proper posture.

To obey these commands with proper execution as to timing and consistency.

To respond to verbal markers:

   * GOOD = for rewarding / positively reinforcing desired behavior.

   * NO or EY for correcting undesirable behavior.


Owner will learn:

After the one month training of the dog, the owner/s (or his/her designated handler) shall be taught everything he/she/they need to know during the Manalo K9 Transfer of Commands (TOC), including:

   1. Principles of Dog Training

   2. Training Techniques

   3. Proper Human-Dog Communication

   4. Basics of Dog Psychology

   5. Proper Handling for Control

   6. Establishing Authority

   7. Proper Enforcement of Discipline and House Rules

We prescribe a three-session TOC with intervals of one week each.  Each TOC session usually takes upto a couple of hours.  If more TOC sessions are needed, they can be accommodated by appointment.  We want to ensure that the training is put to good use, to satisfy all our clients.



In addition to the dog trainee learning the basic obedience commands:

   1. Upon request, Manalo K9 can also help dog owners in familiarization / stabilization / socialization of their dogs with:

        * people (adults, children)

        * other dogs

        * other animals

        * heights

        * fire

        * vehicles

        * public places

        * explosions and other sounds

        * water / currents


   2. Upon request, Manalo K9 will also help with Toilet-training (Potty training).

   3. Upon request, Manalo K9 can also correct bad habits such as:

        * unwanted aggression

        * jumping

        * excessive barking

        * destructive biting /  digging

   4. Upon special request, and if there is still time, and depending on the dog's capacity and talents, we can also put in some:

        * agility

        * drive building for eventual protection / detection / tracking work

        * advanced training

          (For the complete SUPERDOG ADVANCED OBEDIENCE training course, Click HERE.)

   5. Standard Maintenance:

        * boarding - our kennels have a 6feet X 6feet floor area, with 7feet high ceilings.  We also have smaller elevated cages: 4feet X 3feet floor area with 4feet ceilings.  Special requests for accommodations / bedding / electrical ventilation, are also entertained.

        * tender loving care and regular exercise

        * weekly / biweekly baths with Superdog Soap, and/or dry cleaning with Superdog PowTech.

        * twice daily check-ups by our Kennel Master / Dog Care Specialists using our Routine Kennel Inspection (RKI) System

        * food and clean potable water (We use only Superdog Nutrition (SDN)​ on all our dogs, including dogs of our clients, unless specified otherwise.  Special requests for specific dog food brands or special food formulations are okay, but these shall be at the additional expense of the owner.)

   6. A Certificate of Completion (Diploma) is awarded to those who have successfully completed the course.

   7. A Module for Training (printed handout) us also provided, for clients to be able to review everything learned.  It has proven to be a useful tool to further the bond between owner clients and their dogs.



        We gladly entertain concerns after the training is over, and provide continuous assistance to our clients.  As long as the dog is still living, we will provide training for him / her for FREE, if ever anything learned was forgotten for any reason at all!  Only Manalo K9 offers such a guarantee.  If there is a better deal than this anywhere else, please inform the Manalo K9 office.

   9.  All training transactions are secured by a written contract.

   10.  All payments made are issued Official Receipts.  We pay all our taxes as required by law.



P10,000 upon acceptance, P10,000 after Graduation