Just because you bought a dog belonging to a working/herding group breed doesn't mean he'll be able to protect you and your family.  Unless he knows the basic skills of being a protection dog, there is no assurance at all.  Upon a short assessment, if your dog is deemed to have the necessary drives for this type of job, you may enroll him/her to this specialized course.  The level of protection your dog can offer depends on his drives, nerves, and how he is trained. Don't gamble, make sure your dog gets the necessary skillset to be your hero.  Consult with us about this for free today.



Course Duration:  One (1) month

Dog will learn:
Familiarization to heights, other animals and humans, different terrain, various environments



Imprinting of desired behaviors particular to protection dogs

Protection commands:  Alert, Watch, Bite, Hold, Out

Owner will learn:
After the onemonth training of the dog, the owner/s (or his/her designated handler) shall be taught everything he/she/they need to know during the Manalo K9 Transfer of Commands (TOC), including:

Principles of Protection Training
Proper Communication
Basics of Dog Psychology
Proper Protection Dog Handling for Full Control
Controlling Dog by Voice and Hand Signals

The TOC is usually over in a couple of hours, but may be repeated upon owner's request if need be, as many times as is reasonably required.

1. Upon request, Manalo K9 will also help with Toilet-training (Potty training).
2. Upon special request, and if there is still time, and depending on the dog's talents, we can also put in some:
drive building for eventual detection/ tracking work

3. Standard Maintenance:

Boarding - our kennels have a 6feet X 6feet floor area, with 7feet high ceilings. We also have smaller elevated cages, which we actually prefer: 4feet X 3feet floor area with 4 feet ceilings.  Special requests for accommodations/ bedding/electrical ventilation, are also entertained.  tender loving care and regular exercise weekly/ twice weekly baths with Superdog Soap twice daily check-ups by Admin

Officers using our Routine Kennel Inspection (RKI) System dogfood and clean potable water (we use only good quality dry commercial kibble dog food, unless specified otherwise. Special requests for specific dog food brands or special food formulations are okay - any additional expense shall be charged to the owner.)

4. A Certificate of Completion (Diploma) is awarded to those who have successfully completed the course. 

5. A Module for Training (handout) is also provided, for clients to be able to read again and again to review everything learned. It has proven to be a useful tool to further the bond between owner clients and their dogs.


We gladly entertain concerns after the training is over, and provide continuous assistance to our clients.  As long as the dog is alive, we will provide training for him/her for free, if ever anything learned was forgotten for any reason at all!  Only Manalo K9 offers such a guarantee.  If there is a better deal than this anywhere else, please inform the Manalo K9 office.



Easy Installment:  

P12,500 upon acceptance, P12,500 after Transfer of Commands.

Cash Payment:  P25,000