This is the tagline of Manalo K9.  We are here to produce  Superdogs to serve humans.  From the rigid, discriminating selection of breeding stock, to the scientific breeding program itself, to rearing the Superpuppies and screening them, to development and well-rounded training, to the final evaluations and selections, to actual deployment and utilization, we strive to do everything intelligently and with best practices.  The result is the Superdogs we have produced through the years and have been critical components of security in many organizations locally and worldwide.  Superdogs are those dogs that work really hard, and are excellent in what they do.  We have literally produced thousands of them and we are very proud of them all!

Are the dogs we see in the malls and other institutions all Superdogs?
No.  There are K9 agencies around with working dogs, and the sad reality is that a lot of dogs that are deployed, in the field, as K9 units, are simply not capable of performing the tasks required of them. That is exactly the opposite of what the concept of "Superdogs" are all about.   In recent years, in the Philippines, the Philippine National Police stepped up to handle the responsibility of making sure K9 agencies and K9 teams are registered, monitored and continuously evaluated, through the Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies, Security Canine Management Division (PNP SOSIA, SCMD).  They have started to professionalize the private K9 service business. However, in reality, a lot of work still needs to be done and integrity is either absent or lacking still as with most government agencies and organizations in the world today.   Money is still the louder talker and what makes the world go round.  Contracts are won by the agency with the highest amount of kickbacks they can offer to officials of the client.  The scheming in the K9 industry is unbelievable.  We are glad that there are a few institutions that value competence and integrity and do not care about kickbacks and bribes, and these are our current clients and partners.

What do Superdogs do?
Superdogs are those dogs that serve noble purposes with their handlers such as detecting explosive materials, narcotic substances, locate and apprehend law breakers, as well as many other tasks.

What are Superdogs made of?
Superdogs are made of superior genetics (by combining superior individuals from superior bloodlines to produce superior pups - Superpuppies), superior care throughout their lives, and superior training (there is more to training dogs than most trainers realize).  This training does not stop when the Superdog already knows his tasks and is great at it.  A Superdog will deteriorate after that unless proficiency training is done on a regular basis.  While many K9 agencies do not even know about this, Manalo K9 has a strictly implemented proficiency training program that keep our Superdogs sharp and alert to what they are expected to do and are therefore, reliable.

In a much broader sense, every dog is a Superdog
In a much broader sense, many, many dogs serve noble purposes.  It may not be as complicated as police work or search and rescue - it may be as simple, yet still as noble, as helping humans live better, happier, and richer lives.  So even if, primarily, Superdog refers to service/ working dogs that are heroes in a grand sense, pets at their homes can be considered Superdogs, too!  Humans should be thankful that God has entrusted these wonderful creatures to them, and that these have been extremely useful to man in so many ways.  Superdogs for Humankind!