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Manalo K9

SuperDog Collar


Heavy-duty standard-issue collar and leash for large dogs.

This is what all our K9 teams in the field use, such as those deployed in Okada Manila, Clark Airbase, Batangas Pier, etc.



- 1.5" inch wide
- flat smooth densely-woven nylon
- heavy-duty stitching.
- comes in 3 colors: jet black, safari green, and desert beige.
- cushioned handle: for the handler to be able to comfortably control the dog even only with a collar on, and easily release the dog even after the leash is removed for easy deployment to engage.
- reflectorized "SUPERDOG" label for night visibility.
- cobra clip for easy removal and locking.
- brass D-ring that is very strong and rust-proof.
- adjustable diameter from 17" to 26".
- rubberized band to keep the adjustment in place, so you'll never need to keep adjusting.



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