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Unsatisfied with the different local and imported dogfood brands available in the market, and discouraged with all the hassle that comes along with feeding dogs raw whole animal material, we came...

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Unsatisfied with the different local and imported dogfood brands available in the market, and discouraged with all the hassle that comes along with feeding dogs raw whole animal material, we came up with SDN. 


SDN is based in the understanding that all dogs still belong to the species Canis  lupus, though under a "subspecies" C. l. familiaris, and are therefore carnivores (animal-eaters).  Although studies on the canine genome has produced evidence that the domestic dog has variably developed a better capacity to digest and use starch from their diet to a small extent (hence some classifying them as omnivorous), it is still correct to think that dogs would actually thrive much better when fed what they were originally designed to feed on: animals, given the physio-anatomy of their digestive systems.  The fallacy that high-protein diets are bad for dogs are based on the trend of humanizing dogs.  Treating them like humans rather than what they really are has brought many problems, one of which is various problems in health.


Therefore, we have developed a complete and balanced formula using high-quality animal-source materials to make up the big bulk portion of it: pork-, beef-, and poultry meals.  We have only had to use a little ground rice to be able to produce kibbles.  The following shows the List of Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis:






Other dogfood companies, driven by the desire to make more profit, design their formulas to be full of cheap plant-sourced fillers and  animal by-products. 


We did not use corn, wheat, barley, soya, beet, berries, vegetables, fruits, gluten, or any other plant product in SDN except for Yucca schidigera to reduce fecal odor, and the ground rice to keep the kibbles together.  We are in the belief that dogs thrive much better in a strict carnivorous diet, and that they can do without plants.


Starch can also take longer to digest: upto 2 days!  Whereas animal material can be fully digested by 4-5 hours.  Dogs were simply made to eat animals, not plants.


The protein content of SDN is composed, therefore, of almost all-animal protein, which is much better digested and much more appropriate for dogs than plant protein.  The 42% minimum in the guaranteed analysis is very high in quality compared to the low percentage protein of other dogfood, which contains vast amounts of proteins from plant sources like gluten and soya, peas and others - low quality!


We also do not use chemical preservatives.  We instead use Tocopherols (Vitamin E), as natural anti-oxidants and serve to keep SDN fresh for upto one year when it is considered Expired.




When we asked our nutritionists to finalize the formula we wanted with the ingredients we wanted, we were taken aback by the high cost of ingredients and total costing of the final product.  It seemed that we would be spending double the amount we are used to spend to feed our 100+ mostly large Superdogs.  Our nutritionists suggested we added other less-valuable ingredients to lower our costs.  However, we stood firm in our resolve to make the best food for our Superdogs, and refused to add any fillers.  Our Superdogs deserve it after all, and we wanted them to be in the best possible condition to be able to perform at their best - many, many human lives depend on them!


In the beginning, we already theoretically knew we would actually be saving money by feeding our dogs the best possible nutrition.  They would be healthier, happier and more productive.  We would not be throwing away money as we have had to do using other dogfoods where our dogs would be pooping a lot of what they eat - undigested plant materials!  We would also assure them of the best health, consequently, and would save a lot on supplementation, veterinary medical costs, and down-time consequences.  And it turned out that we were absolutely right!  Our dogs are much more healthy now, with better coats and overall condition (we have had several cases of recurrent skin problems in some of our dogs, maintenance with Superdog Soap really helped, but especially with demodecosis, it is so hard to manage because of the genetic nature of it, it just comes back.), their feces are always solid and firm (a sign of good digestion and digestive health), and they only eat less than half the volume of what they normally ate using other dogfoods, yet they were found to still maintain good musculature and body condition.  We are actually saving a lot of money!  Now that many people are also using SDN on their dogs, we are constantly receiving the same great feedback on how much they love SDN because it's also actually saving them money while giving them awesome results




Sadly, there is no good source of high-quality animal meals locally, so we source it from New Zealand.  NZ is a closer neighbor to the Philippines, and so the raw materials get here quick, and we make SDN fresh in our factory and quickly get it to our kennels and to our clients.  Some dogfoods that come from far away such as North America (USA/Canada) take several months to get to you, on the other hand.  Therefore, their claim of FRESH cannot be true in the local setting. 


We only produce SDN in volumes that would fit our need for a month.  We do not, then, stock a lot of product in our warehouse. This is to ensure that every new batch is freshly made, and that dogs will simply get the best.