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SuperDog PowTech (Hi-Tech Powder)


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There is no product in the world like Superdog PowTech.  It is a dog powder intended for many purposes other than to powder dogs.  Many of these purposes you wouldn't have...

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There is no product in the world like Superdog PowTech. 

It is a dog powder intended for many purposes other than to powder dogs.  Many of these purposes you wouldn't have thought a dog powder can provide.

Like all of our products in the Superdog & SuperDoc lines, Superdog PowTech is a super product that redefines what you may expect in such a simple product.

The dog powder that is not just a dog powder.  It is a HI-TECH powder.  




It is not made of talcum/talc, which is a very cheap ingredient known to be bad for the respiratory system.  Talc is said to accumulate internally to cause different problems, even cancer.  It can also impede in the performance of dogs' olfactory (smelling) abilities, their most well-developed, important sense. 


Instead of talcum, PowTech is made with corn starch, which is natural, biodegradable, safe, and mild.  Although it is much costlier than talcum, our Superdogs' health is of course of primary importance.  Corn starch absorbs excess moisture and keeps skin and coat clean.


During colder or rainy days, it may not be a good idea to fully bathe dogs with soap/shampoo and water for fear of hypothermia and subsequent stress and immunosuppression.  Also when they are stressed or immuno-depressed such as during the week right after a vaccination, it is not recommended.  Many dogs also simply hate getting baths.  PowTech is a great alternative to bathing dogs that only require little cleaning:  to remove dirt or debris, to remove bad odor, and to avoid bacterial build-up which causes bad smell.  You should have PowTech ready for times when baths are not practical, such as while travelling, working in the field, or on duty, to keep your dog fresh, clean, and good-smelling.


Rashes caused by a variety of factors such as contact irritation, allergic reactions, bacterial build-up, etc. can be such a discomfort to your dog.  PowTech relieves him/her from unnecessary itching, scratching, and soreness.  Powder him/her liberally with PowTech.  If he has been in contact with insects such as prickly caterpillars and mosquitoes or fleas, the resulting skin irritation and consequential secondary infections can be very serious.  PowTech is a great help to help relieve such conditions.


PowTech has a generous amount of diatomaceous earth (DE).  These are fossils of microorganisms that suck up the moisture out of parasites, but leaves mammalian cells alone, so is safe for us and our dogs, but is a killer for ticks, fleas, mites, etc.  Thus, it is a mechanical anti-parasitic, not a chemical anti-parasitic.  Chemical anti-parasitic substances like coumaphos, coumarin, amitraz, etc, found in most flea and tick dog powders in the market have side-effects that range from immuno-suppression to cancers.  It is a good idea to stay clear of these, especially if the long-term health of your dog is important to you as it is to us.


PowTech not only keeps dogs fresh and parasite-free, it was also professionally-designed to offer many other benefits such as protect dogs from heat-stress while playing or working under the sun.  The sunscreen in PowTech absorbs UV-rays by temporarily changing atomic configurations when the rays hit it, rather than letting it pass thru and affecting your dog.  UV rays are known to cause cancers and other health anomalies in dogs and humans alike.  Powdering your dog with PowTech before going outdoors under the sun saves him/her from a lot of unnecessary stress and problems from the sun's radiation and lessen the probability of heatstroke.  Of course, it is not the solution to heatstroke.  During extremely hot days, follow the advice of professionals to avoid this potentially fatal condition.


Mosquitoes, blood-sucking flies, flesh-eating flies... these are unwelcome critters in any household or kennel.  Unfortunately, they are permanent residents of this planet.  That's why we put in ingredients, natural ingredients - not synthetic chemicals, in our PowTech formula to keep them away from our dogs.  Many people have tried PowTech on their dogs for this specific purpose, and although skeptical at first, became believers when they saw that their dogs did not become airports and drinking/feeding stations for these insects anymore.  If you have an outdoor dog like most of our Superdogs are, keep him/her on PowTech care.  Keep him/her protected from the diseases these insects bring as well, and there are many!


Have you ever seen a dog powder that helps improve memory?  PowTech is the only dog powder that has special ingredients that cause an enhancement in memory, which comes in handy when your dog is expected to do very well in certain kinds of work such as substance detection and tracking, as well as for daily activities such as remembering not to chew on your shoes and furniture.  Good memory is affected by many factors such as genetics, training and nutrition, but can also be boosted using the natural substances found in certain plants such as rosemary, whose proponents claim can add upto 70% improvement in memory performance thru regular use.


Do dogs get affected by stress?  Yes, definitely!  Pregnant dogs may abort or have whelping problems if stressed, free radicals wreak havoc on cells, stressed dogs cannot perform well or play well.  That is why we designed PowTech with natural aroma-therapeutic stress-relievers to relieve dogs from harmful stress.  Of course, as long as the stress-factor/s prevail, there will be no total elimination of stress, but the good product PowTech is significantly helps reduce its' effects.


The PowTech formula is one-of-a-kind.  It is the product of a lot of thinking and research and testing.  Removing the sources of odor, taking away dirt and grime, providing an environment that is unsuitable for bacterial proliferation is what PowTech is good at.  Add to that a great-smelling fragrance (not  too strong), and you get a dog that is wonderfully clean, healthy, lovable and huggable.  Keep using PowTech: it is safe and mild and natural.  It is a wonderful tool to create a stronger bond between you and your dog also!  A clean and good smelling dog is much better to bond with than a smelly, bacteria-infested one.  Let's face it.