Manalo K9 Technologies International

Young Puppies


Although the original and other variants of Superdog Soap are mild and safe enough for puppies, Manalo K9 has come up with an even milder grooming formula especially designed for young puppies, as well as other dogs with sensitive skin.

With guava and neem extracts that are natural, mild antiseptics and anti-inflammatory, this new super product is bound to be another enjoyable product to use on your young or sensitive-skinned dogs.

Panthenol, is a provitamin of B5 and is a great moisturizer that also helps heal wounds and rashes.  It improves skin elasticity and reduces itching and inflammation.  It also conditions the hair/fur, and gives it a great shine.

A big red dog, "Superdog", is seen in the box of SDS-YP.  He has become a familiar figure in dog events and other activities, and is the official mascot of Manalo K9.

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